Dadchat - The Indestructible Dad

Dad's Like Us

July 25, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Dadchat - The Indestructible Dad
Dad's Like Us
Dadchat - The Indestructible Dad
Dad's Like Us
Jul 25, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Wayne Cohen
A business owners guide to raising kids, having an amazing and fulfilling marriage and filling life with experiences.
Show Notes

This weeks podcast guest Brett Odgers has played a huge influence in my career over the last 5 years. In fact thanks to his guidance and knowledge, he made my first book "The Indestructible Dad - Silence Is Not An Option" a reality through his 4 hour book program.

Who is Brett? He's a Husband, father, businessman, keynote speaker, soccer tragic, wanna-be surfer, musician….. And Author

Brett’s career arc has been creative, entrepreneurial and fun. After great success as a Photographer and Film Director in his early career, he has gone on to develop a global business consulting practice helping businesses build winning teams and develop inspirational leaders.

He is also the founder of the Million-Dollar-Author program, and the 4-hour book program which are helping people all over the world create, publish & promote their businesses via books.

He has just celebrated 30 years of marriage. Yep can’t believe he’s old enough for that right?

He has 3 children.  Lochie - 20yrs,  Jamie and 18yrs  & Gracie 15yrs old

He lives and works in Sydney and serves clients in 6 countries.

He plays guitar in a couple of bands…

Surfs and Kite-surfs when he can.

Is a FIFA qualified soccer coach, and still plays competitive soccer (His team of over 45’s are currently top of the ladder)

Last year during a once in a lifetime family holiday, he and his middle son made a pilgrimage to Liverpool FC and thoroughly enjoyed watching his team become European champions.


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